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Westhay vs Walton 01/07.2012

Posted by Coxy on July 2, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Westhay & Meare CC 107 -8 lost to Walton 108-4 by 6 wickets

After a morning of heavy rain the skies cleared enough to get a reduced game of 22 overs a side in. Walton won the toss and put Westhay into bat on a damp pitch. And it proved the correct decision as debutant G Purchase and L.Whitcombe both made early inroads into the Westhay batting line-up, with Purchase ( 3-5 ) off his spell of 3 overs and Whitcombe (1-9) removing dangerman Russell (10) early. Walton continued to keep the runs down with some tight bowling throughout the 1st ten overs, although great resistance was put up by Mason ( 25*). It wasn't until the introduction Neil (1-4) that Walton struck again and this lead to further wickets as Westhay looked to increase the run-rate with youngsters Ganfield (1-14) and Beckingham (1-25) picking up wickets to good catches. L Luckins (0-18) bowled well to no avail and M.Cox ( 1-6) struck with the wicket of Macpherson (22) in the final over. Special mentions to D Bendall for a great performance in the field and T. Sharp did very well with his first game as WK.

Westhay also started there bowling well removing openers D Bendall (8) and Ganfield (1) in the first three overs. Walton started to rebuild after this with Kerr and T Sharp at the crease, both started cautiously in the tricky conditions, but Sharp quickly shifted up through the gears reaching 29* with a flurry of boundaries including a big straight 6 before retiring out. Kerr ( 20*) stood solid for his highest score in a Walton shirt as Purchase (14) and Cox (10) came and went and it was left to Kerr and A Bendall ( 7*) to finish the game for Walton CC with 4 overs left to play.

Walton CC MOTM: T. Sharp

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